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"Apparently striving to be average and, just, you know, not trying to achieve anything in life, you’ll get your dream job. It’ll just fall into your lap and you don’t have to really try to be successful at all. And I still don’t try at work."

Grant Gustin in July 25th Issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine 

Divergent + rankings

"Between acting and as a musician, I’d say I probably prefer playing my own shows as a musician because that’s when you’re truly the master and commander of your own ship and it’s always fun just playing music with a band, really just actively putting your energy into something that you’ve created is so much fun." - Darren Criss

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/8] favorite celebrity friendships ▶ Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

”We’re constantly together. And even when we’re not actually working together during those nine months, or the other three months out of the year for that matter, we always find ourselves choosing to hang out and be together.” - Jensen Ackles

”We’ve became brothers, from 20-something year old bachelors to husbands and fathers together, but there’s nobody I would have rather spent the last nine years growing up and chasing demons and fighting monsters with than this guy here.” - Jared Padalecki


Harry Potter + flying